Wesley Billing

Your billing department has won. I quit.

I called your billing department and asked for a supervisor. Give the requested information.

Person refused to connect me with a supervisor. Informed me the bill was in the Medicare department. Nobody could talk to them.

I know the previous time I had called your billing department and talked to a supervisor. It was obvious that the supervisor was angry at me.

Wesley billing has made it plain. Do not call your billing department again.

As you can see, this letter is dated December 2, 2016

The first letter is Dated December 2, 2016

The second letter is dated Feb. 9, 2017

The bills in question should of been sent into Medicare over one year ago.

There were 3 bills Wesley had trouble submitting to Medicare.

 2 of the bills Wesley finally successfully submitted to Medicare THIS YEAR.

The third bill has been submitted by Wesley 4 times

Feb 9 2017

April 21 2017

May 8 2017

June 7 2017

The bill has been returned by Medicare all 4 times requesting additional information. Wesley billing has a Medicare provider number to use for the purpose of ironing out any problems with a bill.

It looks like Wesley billing never used their Medicare provider Number to fix any problems. Wesley billing just kept sending the bill back to Medicare unchanged.

I would bet if Wesley billing resubmitted the bill for the FIFTH TIME, it would still lack the requested information and be returned for the FIFTH TIME.

I give up. ​

If anyone had told me that I would have a terrible time, it was almost impossible to get a major health care provider to submit a bill and get paid, I would have believed they had totally lost their mind.

Until I experienced this mess trying to get Wesley to submit a bill correctly and get paid.​


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