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What goes around comes around - article - further down on this page

​July 9, 2018 Monday Night Round Dance will be back every Monday except  National Holidays at the Wichita Down Town Senior Center 7:00 P.M. to 8:30

young american men and women enjoying of tango in class

​Smile Charity Program Helps Senior Services of Wichita

​The Senior Services of Wichita does a tremendous amount of good. Makes a huge help in peoples quality of life.
Gets great value out of our donations.

​The Wichita Downtown Senior Center helps individuals maintain their independence, while promoting healthy, safe and active lifestyles! Does a tremendous amount that helps keep seniors in their home. Major help, a Huge quality of life help for individuals.

​Cessna Activity Center

​Cessquares June Special - Dean Dederman

Note Wednesday June 13, 2018  - 7:30 MS/Plus to 9:45  A Tip

Prerounds start at 7:00 PM​

​Wichita Solos - Ice Cream Special

​Dawson U Methodist   July 6 2018 (Friday)

Barbara Whitehead 7:30 to 9:30 Plus 9:30 to 10:00

​If you come early I will do prerounds.


​Thank you very much for visiting.

What goes around comes around.

I was having some work done. I just signed the contract and handed the contract to the contractor when I remembered needed a couple small things done.

I asked the contractor about doing them and he said he could do them for $75. I said that’ll be fine go ahead and do them.

I went down to his office to pay the bill, he wasn’t in. I told his secretary to add $75 to the amount I owed.

She looked up and surprised and said people don’t come in here and tell me that they more than what’s on the bill

I replied, if I gip them out of this money, I guarantee within 30 days somebody would get to me for a lot more money.

She quickly replied, what goes around comes around. That’s right she understood.

A lady ran a stop light driving a Dodge Ram pickup. Her front bumper about matched my front seat on the passenger side of my vehicle.

I was driving a Cadillac four-door DTS. A big heavy car. She caved my door in about a foot. Fractured my windshield. Twisted the frame.

The taillights were metal. She hit my car so hard she tore the taillights off. They never did find them. Broke my driver side rear wheel off the axle. It was laying 40 to 50 feet away. They picked the brake disc up in big chunks and dropped them in the 5-gallon bucket.

Fractured my rib. Cracked my breastplate. Whiplash neck and lower back. I was in the hospital for three days.

One reason I believe I’m alive today is, when I had a sudden massive need for help, the good I’ve done over the years came flooding back.

What goes around comes around. That massive flood of good that came flooding back when I had an extreme sudden need is why I’m alive today.

Like the secretary replied, what goes around comes around.

Another lady ran a stop light.

Had a complete total massive wipeout of my left rotor cuff.

Had a tear in both knees. Whiplash neck and lower back again.

In my time sudden need, I mean extremely sudden need, the good I’ve done came flooding back and that’s why I’m alive today.

Last year had a bone spur in my right shoulder. The MRI showed had two rotor cuff muscles with tears and the tendon was detached.

The one tear in the rotor cuff muscle was L-shaped and massive.

The surgeon did absolutely fabulous in repairing it. He removed the bone spur, reattached the tendon and fixed the tears.

The bone spur really inflamed everything in my right shoulder. I was living on pain pills for about four months.

I’m alive and doing well today.

And I am really grateful to be alive and doing well today. When people ask me how I’m doing, I reply, I’m still alive and putting 1 foot in front of the other and I’m grateful.

I have been a supporter of the Wichita downtown senior center for a lot of years.

One thing I absolutely know is, they do a tremendous amount of good for a lot of people. They make a massive difference in the quality of a lot of people’s lives.

Because I have been a supporter, when those two different ladies ran stoplights, I had an instant massive need.

Because I am a supporter of the Wichita downtown senior center, a massive amount of good come flooding back when I really had a dire need for help. A really sudden extreme dire need for help.

That massive flood of good flooding back when I really truly needed it is why I’m alive today.

I’m grateful.

Frank Morrell